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Welcome to Masterclass Collaborative & Engaging Classrooms:
Transforming Teaching
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As Metamorphany Changemakers, we recognize the critical importance of providing teachers and educators with the tools and strategies needed to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of education. A continuous challenge for teachers and schools and the Education sector as a whole is to maintain and increase student engagement and classroom collaboration. It's such an important factor to maximise learning-transfer in learners. So, as a teacher and school, you constantly seek innovative ways to engage and inspire your students, and foster collaboration, right?

In this innovative and dynamic 6-hour online training, meticulously crafted for teachers and school leaders, we delve into the transformative potential of Liberating Structures. These agile, playful methods not only enhance collaboration and engagement in the classroom but also empower educators to navigate the challenges of modern education with confidence and creativity, and elevate their teaching practice and drive positive outcomes for student success.

Our Collaborative & Engaging Classrooms masterclass isn't just a training; it's an empowering launching pad toward revolutionizing educational practice with Liberating Structures.

Join us on this 2x3-hour immersive online training to master these innovative techniques, fostering engagement, creativity, and collaboration among students and teachers, while amplifying joy in teaching and learning.


Note that this Masterclass is offered to teams only. Its purpose is to make the learnings directly effective and practically relevant for YOUR school and learning envirionment and for YOUR team of teachers, leaders and educators. It is offered as a fixed package for a team of maximum 12 participants. Is your team larger, please enquire!

What you get:

Dive into a curated selection of Agile Techniques for Today's Classroom. Liberating Structures tailored to address the evolving needs of modern education. From fostering creativity to promoting inclusive participation, these agile methods empower educators to navigate the complexities of the classroom with confidence and competence.

This masterclass isn't just about individual growth as an educator—it's a dynamic, immersive experience purposefully designed for your entire team of teachers, administrators, and staff to bond and learn together.


Upon completion, receive a unique and authenticated digital certificate that elevates your teaching portfolio and validates your commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth, and contributes to your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits.


Benefit from expert coaches dedicated to addressing the unique needs and challenges of teachers and educators. Our seasoned professionals guide you through the masterclass and provide personalized support, ensuring you feel empowered to implement Liberating Structures effectively in your classroom.


Explore hands-on activities, quick-to-use tools and practical ways of applying Liberating Structures designed to resonate with your daily realities of teaching. From fostering a culture of collaboration to advancing classroom engagement, and team-building within your school environment, this training equips you with actionable strategies for tangible impact on teaching and learning outcomes.


Engage in an interactive learning experience, where you'll collaborate with fellow teachers and staff from your school, forging stronger bonds and transforming teaching together. Connect to our wider community for even more opportunities for peer collaboration, ideas sharing and fostering a community of practice committed to excellence in education.


Explore how Liberating Structures align with key educational priorities and initiatives, including student-centered learning, personalized instruction, and competency-based education. Our training equips educators with the tools and strategies needed to address these priorities and drive positive change within their schools and districts.


Enjoy continuous learning with 24/7 access to our online MetaHealth Academy platform, featuring recordings of the masterclass sessions, additional exercises, and creative idea suggestions; Empowering you and your team to deepen your understanding of the Liberating Structures and apply them effectively in the classrooms, and continue your professional development journey at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

By harnessing the power of Liberating Structures, you can create inclusive, engaging learning environments that foster student agency, collaboration, and success. This training empowers you to lead transformative change in your classrooms and schools, driving positive outcomes for all students.

Your journey design:

"Collaborative & Engaging Classrooms" offers a comprehensive yet flexible learning experience designed to meet the unique and diverse needs of educators and school leaders. Over 2x3 hours, you and your team immerse yourself in practical sessions focused on harnessing Liberating Structures for teambuilding, classroom engagement and collaboration.

Throughout the course, expert coaches guide you through hands-on experiential activities, empowering you to apply and implement these innovative methods for enhanced classroom engagement and student & teacher collaboration. Together you will navigate through a selection of relevant Liberating Structures, providing you and the school with the tools and expertise to effectively integrate these microstructures into your educational practice.

You'll explore foundational concepts of the versatile Liberating Structures, design customized application ideas, and collaborate with peers. The training equips you all with the knowledge, skills and creativity needed to drive sustainable change in your classroom(s), school(s), and among students and teachers alike—enabling you to transform your teaching with confidence and competence.


Key Highlights:

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in an experiential, hands-on training with two 3-hour live training sessions supplemented by online resources. You'll actively practice and instruct Liberating Structures, gaining practical insights applicable to their educational practice, and their power in fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment 
  • Agile Collaborative Techniques: Dive into a set of quickly deployable tools and techniques crafted to simplify and enhance collaboration, creativity, and engagement in your classroom, fostering a vibrant learning environment where every student has a voice and every idea matters.
  • Playful and Purposeful Engagement: Experience the power of Liberating Structures that blend purposeful structuring with playful approaches, arousing curiosity, and nurturing an environment of joyful experimentation.
  • Benefits for Pedagogical Practice: Explore how Liberating Structures elevate classroom dynamics by increasing student engagement and participation, fostering creativity, enhancing communication and cooperation, and making the learning process visible and measurable.
  • Hands-On Practice: Actively engage in activities that help instantly accelerate your proficiency in using the powerful microstructures in the classroom and possible other educational settings.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalized guidance from a team of expert mentors and facilitators, ensuring that you can confidently apply these microstructures' endless possibilities to enhance your work as a teacher and educator.


Your journey does not end at completion of the masterclass. We encourage and  invite you to connect and stay connected with the wider community, and continue to share, learn, collaborate, and grow together.

In today's rapidly changing educational landscape, teachers and school leaders face unprecedented challenges. From adapting to remote learning to fostering a sense of belonging in the classroom, the need and demand for innovative teaching approaches has never been greater. Metamorphany Changemakers' MetaHealth Academy equips educators and education leaders with the tools, strategies, and support needed to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Enroll now for € 1790

As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Book for your whole team us and unleash the potential of collaborative teaching today.

This Masterclass is purposefully designed for a team of teachers and staff from your school or educational institution to attend together. The listed price is a group package price allowing for the attendance of up to 12 team members.  Is your group larger? Send us an email to make additional arrangements.

We also offer 3-month payment plans on all price levels.

All our prices are incl. VAT

Important: your journey does not end at the completion of this Masterclass.

Enrolment gives you access to a wider community of learners, co-creators, practitioners, coaches, educators, social workers, and other fellow stewards and changemakers. You can continue to share, learn and grow together. 


Please note: this is a Group Masterclass for your entire team. The listed price is the group package price for a maximum number of 12 participants for this training. If your team is larger than this, please contact us.

Unlock the power of collaboration and engagement in your classroom with "Collaborative & Engaging Classrooms: Transforming Teaching with Liberating Structures". Join our transformative masterclass and discover how these agile methods can revolutionize your teaching, fostering creativity, participation, and joy in learning.

  • Empower Your Teaching: Gain practical skills and inspiration to foster collaboration, creativity, and engagement in the classroom;
  • Unlock Certification: Enhance your professional development with a unique and digitally validated certificate upon completion, contributing to your CPD;
  • Guided Mastery: Receive full support from experienced coaches and practitioners, guiding you through an engaging journey of discovery and learning.
  • Interactive Engagement: Experience the fun and excitement of active learning, collaborating with your team and amplifying your teaching skills.
  • Continuous Learning: Access your materials 24/7 on our online platform, ensuring ongoing growth and development beyond the masterclass.
  • Structured Learning: Benefit from structured live sessions focused on practical application and real-world relevance .
  • Community Connection: Share insights, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections with like-minded professionals committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

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Without the first step there is no forward

I'm ready to create inclusive, engaging learning environments that foster student agency, collaboration, and success .

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